The Lambie

jillEvery year an actor or actress is recognized by the Mutton Eaters for an outstanding performance in film, television, stage or local theatrical venue. Our first recipient for her tour de force performance as Lizabeth of Maplecroft in Lizzie Borden Live !  was Jill Dalton.  Jill is the star and creator of the project.  The play was a smash in a Providence run in November and March of 2009 at the Columbia Theatre  and will be returning to the area in June and August of 2009 to Fall River.

At the 2008 meeting, we were thrilled to recognize TWO outstanding performances with the Mutton Eaters Lambie Award for the Performing Arts:  Andrew Correia and Kathleen Troost (Pear Essential Players) for their portrayals of Borden undertaker James Winward and Borden maid, Bridget Sullivan.  More on these fine performers may be found on our companion blog



The Lambie for 2009 was awarded to Joe Radza of Ohio for his portrayal of Uncle John Vinnicum Morse. Joe is a teacher who makes an annual summer visit of 10 days to the Borden house. In August 2009 and August 2010, Joe, also a member of the Pear Essential Players, portrayed Uncle John.

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