The weekend started with chilly weather and a coating of snow, but that did not deter the intrepid “Muttoneaters” as they kicked off the weekend with a visit to meet the mayor at city hall and to hear about the old city hall eagle which was salvaged from the demolition of the former edifice.  Chris Donovan told the story of his family’s involvment with the building, and made the announcement that a new museum of the City of Fall River will be opening on the second level of The Eagle performance hall on  North Main in the near future. 

(Mayor Flannigan becomes an honorary Muttoneater)

photo: Barbara Morrissey

(at Joe’s American Grill in Dedham)

The group managed to pack the weekend full with a trip to Dedham’s Pine Ridge pet cemetery and shelter to visit Lizzie’s dogs, ramble down to Swansea to visit Borden properties there including Lizzie’s favorite fishing hole, a stop at Border City Mill to see a working curtain factory, a stop at the art association to see the portrait of Lizzie by Tiego Finato,  a jaunt to Faxon Animal Shelter which was so generously remembered in the Borden sisters’ will,  an expedition to see the waterfalls on Anawan Street, and still found the time to hold a Nance O’Neil supper party on Friday night and awards banquet at the Quequechan Club on Saturday night followed by a dessert party at #92.  Stay tuned for a slide show of activities, guests, food and fun.

Thanks and appreciation go out to Lee Ann Wilber and Jack Faria for special efforts in facilitating itinerary and accommodations, and JoAnne Giovino, Barbara Morrisey and Ginny Lahman for amazing hospitality and good things to eat back at #92 Second St.