We’re Kicking Up Our Hooves in April!

Spring Lamb

April 16-18 2010  will mark the fourth annual gathering of the Second St. Irregulars Mutton Eaters.

As to itinerary, Friday we will be investigating the city of Taunton for our early adventure followed by our annual banquet Friday evening at White’s Restaurant Presidential Room. Saturday will bring a very indepth tour of Fall River, a visit to the Fall River Room at the library, city cemeteries, and a tour of Borden-related houses still standing in the city. Saturday night we will be having our usual Open House for LB Society members and the first Hyman Lubinsky Ice Cream Social with 1890’s music. There will be visits to our usual Victorian Venue of course.  Also, we will have our “Call for Papers” and will hope several of you will again present research projects you will be doing over the Fall and Winter. Some of our recent endeavors will be published on Warps and Wefts very soon.

Naturally there are one or two surprises in store !