A third article by Herald’s Mark Dion has appeared in the paper today on the topic of the Mutton Eaters’ debut in the city at Lizzie Borden Live.


“To that end, appetizers and a cash bar will be available and, to help playgoers get into the proper mind set, the event will be enlivened by members of The Mutton Eaters, a shadowy group of enthusiasts who know their roles.

“We’ll have the Mutton Eaters there to interact with the audience,” Cabral said, explaining that, as you sip a cocktail before the show, you may be approached by a woman in authentic 19th century dress, a woman who claims to be Emma Borden. Listen to her. She’ll tell you who she is and she’ll tell you some interesting things about what did or didn’t happen on that morning. There will be other costumed players about, too, all with information to impart.”

We’re up to the challenge!