This year, a goodly number of the Mutton Eater flock will be joining staff regulars at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast annual re- enactment.  This will be the largest cast ever, in the 12 year history of the house.

Along with all the family members, (even Emma who will “return from Fairhaven”), Dr. Dolan, Mrs. Churchill. Mrs. Bowen, Detective Seaver, Alice Russell, Miss Manning from the Fall River Herald, and even the family undertaker, Mr. Winward will be appearing on the scene.  The script will be more interactive this year, with the house visitors helping police search the cellar for weapons and interacting with the costumed actors. Mr. Borden will already have been found on the sofa, but the tour guests will have to find the body of Mrs. Borden when someone suddenly realizes she is “missing”.  Tour times are approximately on the half hour from 11 to 3:30 on Monday, August 4th.