The weather was perfect for the Spring flocking of the Mutton Eaters.  Friday began with a trip to the Swansea Library to see the new photos of Little Lizzie.  A trip to the Swansea Historical Society revealed the Andrew and Sarah Borden portraits in all their glory, plus a wealth of early Victorian artifacts which kept the gang enthralled.  A visit to Riverby, where Lizzie’s sister Emma was waked was next on the docket, followed by a good graze at Ma Raffa’s eatery. Sadly, the historical society was closed early so we had a short tour of Oak Grove Cemetery before checking in at the Borden House, then on to the Abbey Grille for our Annual Mutton Eater’s Banquet.  Stefani Koorey received this year’s Golden Fleece and Lens of Sherlock Awards for continued excellence in contributions to the body of knowledge on the Borden case.  Actress Jill Dalton received the first ever Lambie Award as best actress for Lizzie Borden Live, which hopefully shall be coming to Fall River this summer. 

Saturday was jammed-packed with a trip to the Astor’s Beechwood to witness a new 1891 script in the mansion, performed by costumed actors, followed by lunch at the Tennis Hall of Fame and a real treat- a visit inside the Covell House where Lizzie spent the summer after her acquittal. Saturday’s Open House back at #92 featured some special desserts and birthday cake for Len and Kristin. For the diehards who hated to stop, Sunday morning found the flock in Fairhaven, visiting the Green House where Emma Borden was staying the day of the murder, a tour of Riverside Cemetery and more tying on of the nosebag at Gene’s seafood shack.  Get ready for Spring 2009!