2008 has begun with a bang with the discovery of unpublished images of Lizzie, Emma, the first Mrs. Borden, and Uncle John Morse. Borden case author Len Rebello, and editor of the Hatchet, Stefani Koorey, unearthed this treasure trove at Luther’s Corners museum, headquarters of the Swansea Historical Society.  The new issue of The Hatchet, which came out on Saturday, previews the new images as well as photos of some Borden family books and ephemera which was also found at the museum.  The previous issue of The Hatchet featured an unpublished portrait of Andrew Borden.  The new Lizzie portrait may be seen at this link  http://lizzieandrewborden.com/MondoLizzie/ The Second Street Irregulars will be visiting the museum as part of the activities of the upcoming Spring meeting.