Dave Quigley, house chef for 11 years, received his “award” from the Second Street gang yesterday as he was unable to be with us last weekend. We figured Dave has flipped over 80,000 jonnycakes during his years at #92 and deserved recognition! Thanks Dave- for all you do for the guests. Dave arrives at 5 a.m. and the first smell of the morning is Dave’s coffee brewing- especially if you are sleeping in Abby and Andrew’s room. Kfactor Kristin was awarded the Lens of Sherlock (a gold magnifying lens on a chain) for excellence in detecting -being the first to find the school Emma attended, LeeAAnn and Donald, and Len Rebello were awarded the highest honor bestowed by the Irregulars, – The Golden Fleece- from the Mutton Eaters in recognition of their work in restoring the Borden barn and property, and in Len’s case, scholarly pursuit and publication of facts in the case and maintaining such a willingness to share his findings with us all. Dee, the cheery face which usually welcomes everyone in the gift shop was given our cordiality award- a very LARGE pear cookie jar filled with cookies. Laughing

Jonnycakes,(spelled without the “h”)  for the Uninitiated are an acquired taste and are mostly water, golden corn meal. egg,  and  oil.  These are a favorite in Rhode Island and parts of Massachusetts and are enhanced by butter and a little maple syrup.  These were served at the Borden table on the morning of August 4th along with mutton sliced cold and broth, sugar cookies, coffee and bread. Some say the breakfast was the motive for the murders! Jonnycakes is a corruption of “journey cakes” as they are so durable many house wives packed them in their husband’s saddle bags for a long journey. ABout 50% of the guests seem to enjoy them.