holmesanimated.gif It was a busy weekend as N.O.M.E. Cemetery Jeff and I timed out our program for the two days and sampled various cuisine at our watering hole stops along the way.  The results will remain a surprise which will please.  We also had a look around Riverside and got a wee bit spooked by the creepy hollow sounds swirling in the old Delano mausoleum! The foliage was at peak as you can see and we both hope there will be some leaves left for the 9th. 

Some Mutton Eaters have asked if they may “come in costume”, either Victorian garb or “Sherlockian” get-up.  By all means!  As long as the shoes are comfortable. We are on the prowl a great deal both days, but will also enjoy some lounging and social time at the house and a lovely dinner in a private diningroom in the city (with a few fun surprises). Further details will be sent by secret courier on Monday 🙂 as to times and events, and well some things will be simply left mysteriously unknown until the hour arrives!

The May 23-24 meeting of the SSI’s is already going full throttle and at this point, the house is full.  Details of B&B’s in Fairhaven and Westport will soon be posted as well as hotels and inns.  With 2 full days and 2 nights available, the Mutton Eaters will be adventuring far and wide.