sing.jpg Over at the forum some Lizzie folks have come up with some ideas for The Mutton Eater’s theme song.  There will probably be a rousing chorus of “You Can’t Chop Your Poppa Up”.

The Whiffenpoo song has been suggested as well as:

It had to be Ewe, ewe.gif  Ewe are so beautiful,  Mutton From Mutton Leaves Mutton, Ewe-nited We Stand, Wooley Bully and-

 Oh baby – you love of my life,
Let me tell you one thing that be true:
If it’s cold or if it’s hot
(Don’t really matter what we got)
I can’t sheep at night without Ewweeee!


Who put the RAM in the RAM MA LAMB A dingdong, and of course,

Baa Baa Baa Ba Barbara Ann

What would a society be without a song, a secret handshake and a corporate seal?