baa_sheep_203x152.gif  Brrrrr. . . .it’s time for the woolies in Massachusetts. This weekend was a “dry run” for the 9th of November.  Pack your longjohns as it is plenty nippy on the waterfront in Fairhaven and Fall River- and a flannel nightie may be the order of the night too!  Now if only the snow holds off, the flock will set off to the world’s best hot “chowdah” ( instead of mutton broth) in fine style.  25 days and counting fellow  Mutton Eaters!  Good news about the 23-24 of May weekend- Lizzie and Emma and Abby and Andrew rooms are still available.  We will have drop-ins for tours and evening adventures as well as overnighters at the house.

Weather permitting on the 9th- we will attempt to time the eating of 4 pears in the hayloft, and test out just how long it would have taken Uncle John to “hoof it” to Weybosset Street- what ? – you thought it would be ALL lounging around?