fatsheep.jpg With a sheepish grin, HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales peers out from a campaign poster promoting the sale of aged sheep in a 2004 campaign to get mutton back on the plates of Englishmen!  Touting the benefits and virtues of ewes of a “certain age”, “Renaissance mutton is the meat from a traceable farm assured sheep that is at least two years of age has been finished on a forage based diet and matured for at least two weeks post slaughter.” Not to mention the benefits of “grooming Britain’s rural landscapes”.

It’s good to know we are not getting older and undesirable- we are becoming merely fodder for a “renaissance”- or as one ewe says to another, “Ewe’s not fat, ewe’s just fluffy!” This link must be seen to be believed  http://www.muttonrenaissance.org.uk/ What next? – a return to mutton chop sidewhiskers and leg o’ mutton sleeves?