Just back from “tailing a suspect” to tropical climes, which demands much in the way of endurance and cotton attire.  The Mutton Eaters will be convening during deliciously cool New England November days when the frost is on the pumpkin, plumes of woodsmoke drift from chimney pots on the roof, and the crunch of dry leaves is heard underfoot.  The pressing question, naturally is, what to wear for an all-day caper?  One might suggest a sheepskin coat of course, in true Mutton Eater fashion, but a heavy wooly cardigan, gloves, and sensible shoes will fill the bill.  There will be much huffing and puffing across the moors, various cemeteries, and the like- as well as pauses for refreshment at local pubs and eateries.  Should you wish to pay tribute to the garb of The Master- well, deerstalkers and Inverness capes are to be had.  An Inverness is actually a longish coat without sleeves.  The cape is attached and falls over the arms, and is usually made up in a Harris tweed or some sort of woolen fabric which wears like iron.  The price tag online is not for the faint-hearted.  A proper Inverness cape can cost from 600-800 dollars!     The very best come, of course, -from Scotland.  As for the earflapped deerstalker hats, a variety of qualities are on the market and on Ebay.  For as little as 18 dollars, a replica deerstalker may be found online.  One does get what one pays for however, so be warned the quality may not be all that is desired and the cheaper versions tend to run very small.  Below is a good link for an English shop which for about $20.00 offers a great deerstalker hat in sized and three patterns of wool check.  Magnifying lens, walking stick and violin optional accessories!

 Holmes would have been every bit as clever in a “hoodie” and Nikes 🙂