Dear Future Muttoneaters!  After a drismal rainy weekend which ended up in dazzling sunshine, some preliminary sampling of Fall River cuisine was managed, in anticipation of the November 9th arrival.  Some Hearty Muttoneaters can’t wait until Friday, and will arrive on the 8th to get things stirred up before the big day.  Should mutton not be enough to satisfy, chourico pizza may prove a toothsome midnight snack.  The versatile Portuguese sausage is an equal opportunity meat, scrambling nicely with morning eggs, saucing it up with afternoon “grinders” and surprisingly, topping cheese pizza with an unexpected taste which just might make pepperoni obsolete.  So, for your gustatory experience, chourico will be added to the dining delight come November 9th.  As you can see, the quilts are airing on Mrs. Churchill’s fence, and all is in rabid preparation for the Coming of the Second Street Irregulars!