The Fall River Second Street Irregulars chapter, The Muttoneaters, has selected as their motto “We can’t do anything in a minute!” – inspired by the immortal words of Lizzie Borden when she was asked how long it took to eat those famous pears in the hayloft.

lbostonbull.jpg Naturally the official publication is The Hatchet and our mascot is the devoted Boston Bull terrier, much beloved by Lizzie herself.  Hopefully one of our talented members will design a coat of arms for the chapter soon.

Mutton was served several days running in the Borden house, including the day of the crime- and there are those who would say jokingly it was the motive for murder.  The jury is out on mutton broth just at the moment, although samples will be available for taste testing on November 9th.  The results to be published here later on!