edhat.jpg In 1993, a small group of Fall Riverites gathered in the livingroom of Lizzie Borden historian, Ed Thibaut to discuss their favorite Victorian crime.  At this time, the scene of the crime, #92 Second Street was not open to the public as a B&B.  This group had met, for the most part, at the 1992 Lizzie Borden Centennial which was hosted by the Bristol Community College under the auspices of Jules Rykebusch.  After the convention, some Bordenphiles wanted to continue their fascination with the case with the formation of a social group which met regularly to discuss the case, formulate theories, and carry out experiments-thus the Second Street Irregulars came into being.

 Over the years, some of the original six have kept in touch, some work at the house on #92, and alas, a few have gone missing.  Thanks to computer technology, “the game is afoot” once again and the informal society is trying to rekindle the fun with a meeting on November 9th at the Second Street House, the official “headquarters” for the group.  This  meeting is convening for the Lizzie Borden Forum members (the Mutton Eaters scion) http://lizzieandrewborden.com/LBForum/index.php and will offer field trips to Oak Grove Cemetery, Fairhaven and New Bedford, Andrew’s Last Walk, and other Lizzie sites around town.  Photos and updates for all Second Street Irregulars meetings will be posted here, as well as comments from members and visitors to the site.


On the hunt for “The Hatchet” at the Borden Swansea farm, 1993